Numbered Classroom Pocket Organiser for Mobile Phones


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Does your school have problems with students using their mobile phone all day during class?

Here is where our product can help you…


Keeps phones safe and is no longer a distraction for students or a discipline problem for teachers during class.

Comes with 4 hooks that let it hang from the top of the white board or over a door
• Perfectly works to store students’ mobile phones

• Each pocket size is: 10cm x 12cm (fits even the largest models of mobile phones)

• Numbered pockets – 30 pockets

Organiser Measurements: 65cm x 85cm

While many schools still have strict phone policies, some schools ignore the policies in place and follow don’t ask, don’t tell. As long as a student is not causing problems, they can use their phones as much as they want outside of class, and each teacher has to determine how much phone use goes on in class.

Mobile phones in the classroom can be a significant discipline problem and classroom management struggle if clear and explicit guidelines are not established the first day. Every teacher’s tolerance for phone usage varies. Wouldn’t it be easier to have one solution?

How does it work?

Each student would be allocated a number at the start of the year and their mobile phone would be placed in that numbered pocket that would be hanging in every classroom at the start of the class. At the end of class, they would remove their phone and move on to the next class where they would place their phone into the next organiser and so on.

Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 85 cm


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